Golddust beauty lounge: 24K Gold mask






Time to de-stress all begins, walking in to a private treatment room at Golddust, while your nose fills up with scented oil. The signature massage is a feast for the body: everything that is used, from the towels, massage oils and the hands of the therapist are warm. A pleasant way to drift away in serenity. What caught my attention, is that the staff is really well trained.

There are enough places where you can get a massage. But there is no special attention for what the individual needs. The routine of 5 minutes per arm, 10 on the back and another 10 per leg is almost done robotically.

This was absolutely not the case at Golddust, the woman treating me found some knots, that I didn’t know existed and worked them well. I actually felt lighter when she was done.

After the massage it was time for a 24K gold leaf facial, you can’t find this anywhere else on Bali. My face was toughly cleaned and treated with some deliciously smelling serums. While the gold was working its magic, my hands and feet were massaged. I was ready to fall a sleep.
Walking out, I felt energized and glowing, not a bad way to kick off the week.

Did you know in ancient Egypt, gold was used to treat the skin?

Located at Jl Pantai Batu Bolong 66, Canggu

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