Profiling: Rien Renema


In the roaring eighties Rien and his wife Giet started their own clothing label called Futura. At first they designed silk screen printed shirts. With a plastic bag in one hand and a lot of courage in the other, Rien went from store to store to sell their hand made goods. The results were there because after a while Futura became a well-known brand.

Of course the time came to extend, the next step was to open a similar named store in Deventer. At one point the decision was made to move the brand ‘Futura’ to the background and just focus on their multibrand clothing store. The goal is to provide customers with high quality pieces of garment with a wicked twist, you can feel the passion walking in their domain.

It is beautiful to see how this couple is still going strong after all this time. This once more proves that you have to believe in your dreams: hustle hard and one day the hard work will pay off.

A Free Floaters production, music by: MLD (Milad Nabiaalah)

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