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Thirty minutes away from touristic Seminyak, to the south west coast of Bali where the surroundings are green, roads are small and rice paddies are all around. True Bali can be discovered in the small villages; amongst them is Cepaka. No billboards, clogged up roads because of traffic jams; just palm trees and temples. In this serene area lays a five star luxury villa, with the sophistication and full services that are provided at the best hotels in the world. At Villa Sungai Gold you can enjoy this, in the exclusivity and privacy of a private residence.

The Villa

What a pleasure to spend a few days at Villa Sungai Gold! Entering the villa is a de-stress moment on its own. The smell of scented oils that are carried by the wind take the senses on a journey. A spacious setting awaits with white floors, white walls and everything is in mint condition. It seems that every little detail is thought through thoroughly. From the pool, the sound system, the maintenance of the place to the flower arrangements and the ambiance. During the night a transformation sets in, where the candles and lights enchant the place. The beds are amazing, disappearing between these pillows is probably the closest thing to floating on clouds.

The Food

Everything is possible for everyone when it comes to food. Any allergies, dislikes or preferences, just mention it and the chefs will prepare something suitable and delicious. Let’s start with breakfast; a wide range of choices is laid out. I really enjoyed my Bubur injing/black rice pudding.
Fresh ingredients are shopped to prepare all dishes, this makes the fine tastes really come through. I’m a fan of food that is prepared as fresh as possible. During lunch I’ve tasted the richest Thai chicken soup, everything is well balanced and the desserts (I’m a sucker for sweets) are so so good!


The Spa

Time for some pampering, leave it in the capable hands of the therapist or choose one of the treatments that are offered by Sungai Gold. Everything is provided in house so you don’t have to leave the luscious surroundings. Give the body time to relax during a massage and guaranteed that you feel lighter and refreshed when the treatment is finished.

IMG_9366The service

Checking your every need before arriving and a phone call on the day itself, just to make sure if everything is prepared. The villa manager is on top of everything. The eye for details makes this place flourish to the sanctuary it is. For example; Villa Sungai Gold is the only one that provides a VIP airport butler service, the chauffeured transfers have you brought to the villa smoothly. The staff is really friendly, in for a joke and invincible when they have to. Couldn’t be any better.

You will experience paradise at Villa Sungai Gold nothing less and this bubble almost makes you forget there is a world outside.


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