FM Galatse the ojek from Ambon


Can you imagine a journey on the back of a motorbike? In Indonesia they call taxi drivers riding a motorbike: Ojek.
This short story is about the Ojek from Latta, a village on the wonderful island Ambon. A group of six guys form a taxi formation called FM Galatse. These young men are trained by non-profit organization Sira, to guide tourists to the most beautiful places on the island. I loved the time I spend with them. They have shown me places I wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t for a local to show me.

For me there are some important pros for traveling wit an Ojek:
You get to enjoy the view more
Less expensive as a taxi service by car
You feel free with the wind in your hair
It’s easy to stop wherever and whenever you want, without creating a roadblock

A Free Floaters production, music by: MLD (Milad Nabiaalah)

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